Smash & Grab

Smash & Grab on Vehicle Benefits

  • Keeps car cool
  • Protects interior by reducing UV rays
  • Deters smash & grab attempts
  • Makes it difficult to see into vehicle
  • Improves vehicle resale value

Safety Film

Solar Screen Smash and Grab Safety Film is one of the only window tinting films that is approved by major vehicle manufacturers in South Africa.

Safety Film / Smash & Grab window tinting has become a necessity in South Africa due to the increased number of attacks occurring.

If you have Solar Screen Smash and Grab Safety Film fitted to your car, you can now drive with peace of mind, because it will take the average smash and grab attacker several attempts to enter you vehicle.

Window Protection

Solar Screen Smash and Grab Safety Film uses the most advanced window protection film technology. Our Safety Film is applied directly to the window and serves as an innvisible coat of amor, strengthening the glass against accidental breakage or attack. Only the highest grade of materials are used, and all film is fitted by Solar Screen technitians.