About Us

Solar Screen was established in South Africa in 1978, and since have grown into the successful company it is today!

We pride ourselves on our good quality work done on your vehicles and buildings. We have sourced the best products available for our clients and are all accredited in the different fields to give our customers the best service and products available.

We are 100% backed by our suppliers in terms of hounouring our Warranties on Workmanship as well as the products itself.

Solar Screens team is highly accredited and certified in all of our departments as well as have the latest technology there is to satify all our customer needs.

Your safety film is 125 Microns thick and have a 5 year warranty.

All our film has 99% Uv protection which is UV A, B & C as per the Cancer Association approved for protection against skin cancer.

For further piece‚ of mind we are also registered with MIOSA.

The simple procedure of adding window tinting film to a building’s windows can be one of the most important things an employer or home owner can do. Solar Screen films provide benefits for not only you and your employees or family, but your bottom line as well.